Duped Desis in Russian Ranks

In a distressing turn of events, a group of Indian youths, lured by the prospect of lucrative job opportunities, now find themselves embroiled in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict against their will. A harrowing video, circulating on social media platforms has brought to light the plight of seven young men from Punjab and Haryana, who claim to have been deceived and coerced into military service in Russia.

The 105-second clip, shot in a cramped and decrepit room, depicts the men dressed in military-style winter attire, their faces etched with fear and desperation. One of them, identified as 19-year-old Harsh from Karnal, Haryana, can be seen recording the video, pleading for assistance from the Indian government to extricate them from their predicament.


As per Harsh’s mother, in conversation with NDTV, her son set off on his journey abroad on December 23, 2022, with hopes of finding job prospects. After reaching Russia, his passport was confiscated by the authorities. Allegedly, he faced threats of a 10-year prison term if he declined to undergo military training and join the ongoing conflict.

“He said he was forced to do military training,” Harsh’s mother revealed, her voice trembling with anguish.

Widespread Deception Targeting Indian Youth


The case of these seven young men appears to be part of a larger pattern of deception targeting Indian youth. Recent reports suggest that nearly two dozen Indians have fallen victim to similar tactics, tricked into joining the Russian military ranks under false pretenses.

Experts warn that this alarming trend could be the handiwork of unscrupulous agents and human traffickers, exploiting the vulnerability of job-seekers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The promise of lucrative employment opportunities abroad serves as a potent lure, leading unsuspecting individuals into dangerous and often life-threatening situations.

As the Indian government grapples with this crisis, questions arise regarding the measures being taken to protect its citizens from such deceitful practices. Concerns have been raised about the need for stricter regulations and oversight mechanisms to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable populations.

The ongoing situation leaves the future of these young men hanging in uncertainty, their aspirations for a brighter tomorrow dashed by the brutal truths of deceit and turmoil. The Indian authorities face mounting pressure to intervene swiftly and decisively, ensuring the safe return of its citizens and holding those responsible for this grave injustice accountable.

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