Google Doodle Celebrating The Flat White Coffee On March 11

On March 11th, Google paid tribute to the velvety flat white coffee with an animated Doodle celebrating 13 years since the beverage’s inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary. The flat white, a coffee combining espresso and silky microfoam, has risen from its antipodean origins to become a cherished morning ritual worldwide.

While the exact origins are debated, many credit the flat white’s creation to the 1980s coffee culture of Australia and New Zealand. Baristas in cities like Sydney and Auckland is said to have pioneered the drink, marrying a richer espresso flavour with the velvety textures of steamed milk microfoam.

“The flat white allows you to really appreciate the espresso’s nuances,” said Sydney barista Amy Forsyth. “The minimal milk lets the coffee’s bright, complex notes sing without being overshadowed.”

Rising Popularity

The flat white’s star has rapidly ascended in recent decades as “third-wave” coffee culture emphasises quality over quantity. Its devoted fans praise the beverage’s bold yet refined flavour profile compared to milkier drinks like lattes.

“Flat whites have the perfect balance of espresso and steamed milk,” said Mike Philips, owner of Vancouver’s Milky Way Cafe. “For true coffee aficionados, it’s the ideal way to savour a phenomenal shot of espresso.”

Global coffee giants like Starbucks have also embraced the flat white, adding the Australian import to menus from New York to Shanghai. The March 11th Doodle, depicting the iconic Google logo recreated in espresso and milk, celebrates the flat white’s journey from humble cafe origins to an international phenomenon millions appreciate daily.

Google’s Doodlers took inspiration from iconic latte art designs in rendering the animated Doodle. As frothed milk is carefully poured over the “oo” letters formed from twin espresso shots, intricate brownish swirls and ripples appear atop the white milky “G” and “e” letters.

The flat white may have been a relative late-comer to the mainstream coffee world, but Google’s celebratory Doodle indicates the creamy, bold beverage has undoubtedly arrived. From Melbourne to Manhattan, discerning coffee fans can now enjoy the “flat” experience for themselves.

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