The Diabetes Crisis in India: Impact of Food Choices


India is facing significant challenges in its health sector. A large number of people are getting diabetes. Their number is increasing day by day. Over 77 million Indians have diabetes now. And the number keeps going up. One reason for this is the kind of food we eat. The food that’s part of our culture affects the most. Let’s discuss different factors that are responsible for this rise. We also discuss ways to reduce its number and improve the overall health.

Diabetes in India

Diabetes is a big worry in India, both in cities and villages. People are not moving around much. Their food habits are changing. But one thing we often forget is how our traditional food affects diabetes. Our love for delicious dishes like biryani might contribute to the rise in diabetes cases. It’s important to understand how these foods impact our health. We should make informed choices to prevent ourselves from this food and manage it effectively.

Cultural Food Habits

Indian food is famous for its taste and spices. But a lot of our traditional dishes have too much sugar, fat, and carbs. Foods like rice, chapati, and lentils can increase our blood sugar levels. These effects will be common if we move around less. So, while these foods taste great, we need to be careful about how much we eat. We should balance them with other healthier options to keep our bodies in good shape.

Modern Food Trends

Many people today prefer fast food. These foods are usually made up of material like sugar. We don’t eat many fresh fruits in our daily routine these days. This is causing health problems like diabetes. We should choose healthier foods to stay healthy. Eat more fruit to stay healthy.

Dealing with the Food-Diabetes Connection

It’s important to understand how the food we eat affects us. It can make our bodies healthier. Trying out new recipes is a fun way to make our favorite dishes healthier. We can use less sugar and fats. Add more veggies and whole grains. It’s also good to help each other eat better by sharing recipes and tips. We can join community events where we learn about eating healthy together. Our government can also make rules to stop unhealthy foods from being sold too much. They can make it easier for us to find healthy foods in stores. If we work together and make these changes, we can all be healthier.


We have to pay attention to what we eat to fight diabetes in India. We can do this by learning about healthy foods. The government should pay attention to the health sector. They need to implement strict policies to control unhealthy food production. In this way, they can reduce the burden on the health sector because of this mismanagement. Try new recipes, teaming up with others, and make some changes to the rules. If we all work together and make these changes, we can improve our health and feel better.

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