Cristian Arango vs Messi for MLS MVP - An Unequal Battle

Introduction: Cristian Arango vs Messi for MLS MVP Here

Cristian Arango vs Messi for MLS MVP Although MLS has produced some talented players, the possibility that Cristian Arango will challenge Lionel Messi for the MVP title is drawing a lot of attention. Arango’s continued success in Major League Soccer raises concerns about MVP considerations’ fairness and competitiveness if he competes with Messi, a football legend.

The Rise of Cristian Arango vs Messi for MLS MVP:

Arango’s journey to Major League Soccer (MLS) began in the Colombian leagues. Where he demonstrated his talent and attracted the attention of scouts. His move to LAFC was a significant step in his career because it allowed him to compete at a higher level and gain international exposure.

Who is Cristian Arango?

In 2021, Colombian forward Cristian Arango made the move to Los Angeles FC from Millonarios FC in his home country. Arango has quickly become a fan favorite and a key LAFC player because of his agility, precise finishing, and ability to score crucial goals.

What Characterizes Arango MVP Content?

There is no denying Arango’s impact on the field. He has become a key player for LAFC because he can create scoring opportunities from seemingly nothing. His goals and assists frequently change the outcome of games.

Messi’s Impact on MLS:

The announcement that Lionel Messi would be joining MLS shocked the football community. One of the greatest players ever, Messi’s possible move to MLS heralds a new era for the league and has piqued the interest of fans and media all over the world.

Head-to-Head: Arango vs. Messi:

Given Messi’s illustrious career and worldwide recognition, comparing Arango and Messi may initially appear to be an unfair comparison. On the field, however, both players have distinctive abilities and characteristics that make them formidable opponents.

Why It Won’t Be a Fair Fight:

Despite Arango’s undeniable talent, several factors could prevent him from competing with Messi for the MVP title. The league’s bias toward established stars, Messi’s unparalleled reputation, and the influence of media and fan perception on MVP voting are just a few examples.

The Importance of Team Performance:

Individual brilliance frequently takes a back seat to team success in the MVP race. Arango’s chances of winning the MVP award may be heavily influenced by LAFC’s collective performance. Also even though he may excel on his own.

Fan and Media Influence:

The perceptions of fans and the media frequently shape the narrative surrounding MVP candidates. Regardless of Arango’s impressive performances, Messi’s global appeal and fan base may give him an advantage in the MVP race.

The Global Appeal of Messi:

The league’s visibility on a global scale would undoubtedly rise upon Messi’s arrival in MLS. Overshadowing the accomplishments of other players like Arango, his mere presence could bring in new followers, raise ratings on television, and expand sponsorship opportunities.

Arango’s Potential Impact:

Arango has the potential to leave a lasting legacy in Major League Soccer, despite the difficulties he may face competing with Messi for the MVP title. He is a valuable asset not only to LAFC but to the league as a whole due to his skill, perseverance, and enthusiasm for the game.


It is abundantly clear that there will not be a fair competition between Lionel Messi and Cristian Arango for the MLS MVP title. Arango has the talent and potential to compete with the best. But Messi’s global stature and influence may tip the balance in his favor. Arango’s MLS career is just beginning, and his impact on the league will undoubtedly be significant, regardless of the outcome.

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